The teaching staff at the Technical Education College are not only teachers but also scientists, engineers and research assistants working on R&D projects. These government and prime contractor funded projects incorporate technologies in remote sensing, geolocation, direction finding, data collection and visualization.  The teaching staff is involved in various aspects of concept development, proof of concept and prototype development.  All studies performed, to some degree, incorporate an in depth and experienced knowledge of electronics, RF propagation, data collection, high speed networking, routing and computing, information dissemination programming and data visualization.

Current projects include:

Interferometer Study – Naval Research Lab, Chesapeake Beach Division

TV Radar Study – Naval Research Lab, Chesapeake Beach Division

High Frequency (HF) Study – NSA

RF and Visualization Studies – Lockheed Martin

Past projects include:

Tent Antenna – SOCOM

Interactive Surface Viewer – General Dynamics

Recently there has been significant military interest in the fields of parametric data modeling and multi-spectral image interpretation.

ISV was originally designed to view antenna radiation patterns from multiple ports, for multiple polarizations of multiple frequencies by General Dynamics in the military arena. The user manipulates the mouse and keyboard to rotate, scale and translate three-dimensional surfaces within a viewing cube. OpenGL code is used in conjunction with whatever rendering hardware is installed in the system.