The Technical Education College is a VUE Testing Center and administers the latest Information Technology Certification Exams.  To register for an exam visit the VUE Web site.

The Technical Education College is an ETA (Electronics Technician Association) Testing Center and administers the following exams:

AST – Basic Electronics Associate
Student Electronics Technician
AVD – Audio Video Distribution
AVN – Avionics
BMD – Biomedical
BIET – Biomedical Imaging Equipment Technician
CAST – Certified Alarm Security Technician
CNST – Certified Network Systems Technician
CSM – Certified Service Manager
FCC – Commercial Licensing
CST – Computer Service Technician
CEST Consumer Electronics
CSS – Customer Service Specialist
DCIC – Data Cabling
CECD – E-Commerce Developer
FOIC – Fiber Optic Installer
FOT – Fiber Optic Technician
FOT OSP – Fiber Optic Technician
FOD – Fiber Optic Designer
PCS-C Personal Communications Service Cellular
RAD – Radar
CSI – Satellite Installer
CSI-A Antenna Endorsement
CSI-C/Ku C and Ku Band Endorsement
CSI-COM Commercial Endorsement
CWS – Web Specialist
WCM – Wireless