Welcome Students from Headquarters, Buckely AFB, Schriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain, Malmstrom AFB, Minot AFB, Vandenberg AFB, LA AFB, Patrick AFB and FE Warren AFB.

AFSPC 2007 Course Outlines:

Please review the prerequisites listed on the outline to be sure you qualify for class.  Additionally please review to confirm you understand the subject matter being taught.  Excel,  Access Database, Effective Presentations with PowerPoint,  Project Management,  Webmaster/w Section 508,  Advanced Webmaster, Windows XP Administration,  Network+,  Server 2003,  Exchange 2003,  Cisco Routing,  Security+,  InfoPath, Military Communications; Introduction to Unix/Linux, Computer Hardware A+, SharePoint 2007

Upcoming AFSPC Training 2009:  

1/13-1/15MOSS 2007TECDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
1/27-1/29MOSS 2007WarrenDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
1/27-1/29MOSS 2007TECDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
2/6Visio 2007TECAll AFSPC Personnel
2/10-2/12MOSS 2007TECDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
2/18-2/20MOSS 2007VandenbergDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
2/24-2/26MOSS 2007TECDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
2/25-2/27MOSS 2007BuckleyDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
3/3-3/5MOSS 2007MalmstromDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
3/10-3/12MOSS 2007TECDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
3/13Outlook 2007TECAll AFSPC Personnel
3/17-3/19MOSS 2007LA AFBDesignated Site Mgr/Owner
3/27PowerPoint 2007TECAll AFSPC Personnel
3/30-3/31Excel 2007TECAll AFSPC Personnel
3-/31-4-3Security+LA AFB3A/3C/2E

DODI 8570.1

DoD Directive 8570.1 provides the basis for an enterprise-wide solution to train, certify, and manage the DoD Information Assurance (IA) workforce. The policy requires Information Assurance technicians and managers to be trained and certified to a DoD baseline requirement.  For more information download the 8570 FAQ.  The Air Force has chosen a path for AFSPC personnel:

Technical ITechnical IITechnical III
A+  3AXXXNetwork+  3C0, 3C2, 2E2, 2E6Security +  3C0, 3C2, 2E2, 2E6CISSP  3C0, 3C2
Management IManagement IIManagement III
Security +  3C0XXCISSP  3C0XXCISSP  3C0XXX

For certification test reimbursement for 8070.1 please see the latest article in Government Computing News regarding the AFSPC training program.

Course Cancellation Policy: 

Failing to show up for class without contacting either AFSPC or TEC to withdraw from a course can constitute DOD waste, fraud and abuse. Additionally no-shows may be blacklisted from future training courses and events. To withdraw from class email [email protected] or [email protected] to report a cancellation. You can also call 719-597-8446. 

If your job duties cross over into either CSA or 3C areas you may attend classes designed for either specialty (i.e. you are a 3C that creates Websites), subject to availability.

Training Paths for the 3C & CSA Career Fields

Latest AFSPC Student News:

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